How to select Network Adapter to start API service in Multiple Network Environment

One of our customers from Brasil, faced with problem to start Multi Room Audio Player WCF/REST API on computer system with Multiple Network Interfaces installed. He uses Dante audio controller and plays 16 songs simultaneously. These 16 channels are being managed by the Soundweb London BLU-806 Signal Processor with Digital Audio Bus through the HiQnet Audio Architect by Harman software. The main audio system has Multi Room Audio Player and 4 Network Adapters installed. Read More …

New update is available

New version is here. Some new features has been added. Now you can assign custom HotKey to player controls. Please download newest release from our download page. All bug-fixes and enhancements:

[+] Added: HotKeys support;
[+] Added: Write CPU and memory usage to log file;
[+] Added: Write Audio Devices count to log file;
[+] Added: New API method SetPlayerMute;
[+] Added: New API method GetAllPlaylists;
[-] Fixed: Some minor bugs.

HotKey Settings

You can view all version history here.

New WCF and REST API commands are available

We’ve added new WCF and REST API commands:

GetAllZones() – returns a JSON or .Net List of all available zones;
GetAllPlayers() – same method for players, returns a JSON or .Net List of all players;
SetZoneMute (string zoneName, bool mute) – use this to mute or unmute zone by name.

Don’t forget to upgrade, please download latest version here.

Update is available

We’ve fixed some bugs and added new features:

– New WCF\REST API method “SetPlayerMode”, you can remotely select player mode – one by one, shuffle, repeat track, repeat playlist, stop after current track;
– Added support for many new audio formats – Monkey’s Audio APE, AC3, OptimFROG lossless audio codec, The True Audio TTA, Apple lossless audio ALAC;
– Added the ability to play AAC Internet radio stations;
– Internet radio playlists are supported now;
– Added the ability to play stereo Internet radio stations;
– Drag and Drop support for files, folders and playlists;
– New Spotify player modes – one by one, shuffle, repeat track, repeat playlist, stop after current track.

Please don’t forget to update, download latest version here

Multi Room Audio Player boxshot