New Multi Zone Matrix Audio Player with ASIO support

Finally, this day has come and we’ve released a new version of our Multi Room Audio Player. We did huge research, and a lot of work, and implemented it into the brand new Multi Zone Matrix Audio Player with ASIO drivers support.

Even more work ahead, a lot of features need to be added – user management, inputs, jingles, and scheduler. The next few months will be hot, but we hope it’s worth it and you’ll appreciate our new product. If you have professional ASIO audio devices, please test our new software, we are looking for your feedback. And of course, if you are interested in our new software, we offer a 50% discount to our first users. Please use the ASIOFOREVER coupon code. This is a time-limited offer. Thank you and enjoy your sound!

2 thoughts on “New Multi Zone Matrix Audio Player with ASIO support”

  1. Dear Sir
    we have always support you Multi room player for HK Market, specially for HK Main and key Client
    such as K11 Musea and Asia world Expo. We know you have lunch the ASIO Version Multi room player.
    We request have trail version for internal test . Expired date : one month. would you mind provide
    to us elevation and testing result prompted to our client

    Danny kwok
    Project and Technical Officer

    1. Hi Danny!,

      Yes, sure, you can download a trial version from our Download page.
      Please send us a request via the support form and I’ll extend your trial period.
      Thank you.

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