Multi Room Audio Player Features

Multi Room Audio Player was created in collaboration with professional sound engineers as a reply to the needs of musical control personnel, DJs, creative supervisors, etc. This is a complete audio solution for clubs, restaurants, hotels, multi-room apartments, smart homes, intellihomes, and large halls. The simple and intuitive interface is suitable not only for audio professionals but also for ordinary audiophiles and music lovers who need to play music in many rooms at once.

Multi Room Audio Player - Manage lots of audio streams with only one PC

With Multi Room Audio Player, you can:

  • Create and manage as many sound zones as you need from one audio player;
  • Compatible with Audinate Dante and hundreds of Dante-enabled products;
  • Control music over the network. See the Remote network control example page;
  • Control each audio room individually or all together;
  • Assign each zone to a corresponding output audio device;
  • Play MP3, MP2, M4A, AAC, WMA, FLAC, OGG tracks and M3U playlists;
  • Play Internet radio streams;
  • Play your Spotify playlists;
  • Line-in support for external audio devices (TV, CD/DVD player or turntables);
  • Create scheduled events;
  • Control app via console command line;
  • Use WCF or REST API;
  • Make announcements with microphone management functionality;
  • Use the built-in Music Library with a powerful search;
  • Create new playlists using the Playlist generator;
  • Correct sound with Equalizer for each zone;
  • Use Instant Jingle hotkeys;
  • All regular, built-in, semi-professional, and pro sound cards with WDM drivers supported;
  • Use Zone Control window for centralized monitoring and control of all rooms;
  • Use easy to use drag&drop multilingual interface.

Planned for the future:

  • Native iPhone/Android remote control application;
  • ASIO audio cards support;
  • Support for streaming;
  • Audio normalization;
  • Various audio settings like pitch, tempo, etc.;
  • The “Solo” function allows monitoring music in rooms locally from a PC.

Please read Multi Room Audio Player Overview, take a look at this short video, or visit the screenshots page.