How to play your Google Play Music playlists with Multi Room Audio Player

Now we’ve added an ability to play playlists directly from your Google Music account.

create new Google Music player

So at first please go to the  Settings and select GMusic tab, enter your Google credentials and press login button. Please read How to get Google Service Framework ID

Google Play Services Framework Device ID


If everything is fine, new Google Music Player will appear.

Google Play Music player

The user interface is similar to Spotify player. In the left tab, you can find the list of all your playlists and in the right tab the list of tracks. Please notice that local tracks from other devices are not available, you can play native Google Music track only.
Please select at least one zone and then select any track to play, double-click it or press the Play button.

There are some new WCF and REST API methods to control GMusic player remotely:

bool CreateGmusicPlayer();
bool GmusicLogout();
bool GmusicLogin(string login, string password);
string GetGmusicLogin();
bool IsGmusicLoggedin();
List GetGmusicPlaylists();
List GetGmusicCurrentTracks();
List GetGmusicTracks(string playlistId);
GoogleMusic.Playlist GetGmusicCurrentPlaylist();
bool SetGmusicPlaylist(string playlistId);
bool SetGmusicTrack(string trackId);
bool GmusicRefreshPlaylists();

GPlayer is available with Professional Business License or Yearly Subscription Plan. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have some questions or leave a comment here. Thank you.

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