How to use Multi Room Audio Player REST API

The REST API provides programmatic access to control all zones and players. Using WCF or REST API you can create your own handy remote control desktop or mobile application, add there a map of your place and many more cool additional features. At first please run Multi Room Audio Player and Enable API in the Tools-Settings-API tab.  You can change the default port (if you need it) and don’t forget to restart an application.

Enable API

If you want to use WCF or REST API (Application Programming Interface), please run the player with Administrator rights. So click the right mouse button on the application icon and select “Run as administrator” option.

Run as administrator

You will see “User Account Control” (UAC) window. Here you can see information about our publisher’s certificate (Verified Publisher: Ivan Gerasymchuk), press Yes to run an application. If you use standard (not Administrator) User Account you need to enter Administrator password here. You need to activate and register an application again.
Then go to the Tools-Settings-API tab again and press REST API help link. The link opens in a default browser. Here you can see all available REST API methods.

REST API operations

Simply copy a link to your browser, set parameters (Player or Zone name) and press enter.
For example, if you want start player with name “Spotify” remotely via browser, copy this command{PLAYERNAME}
and change {PLAYERNAME} to Spotify
All other commands work the same way.

You can also control Multi Room Audio Player via command line.

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