The first update in 2019

Please download the latest Multi Room Audio Player version. The updated release is available on our download page. There is a list of changes:

[+] Added: iPhone, iPad, iOS app released;
[+] Added: New API method RefreshSpotifyToken;
[+] Added: Context menu option to Run Once selected task;
[-] Fixed: Spotify Token expiration issue.

Apple remote

4 thoughts on “The first update in 2019”

  1. How would I connect my Iphone to the program? I have downloaded the app but for some reason it is not recognizing the Ip address. Is there a setting I am missing?

  2. Dear Sir
    we have online ordered Multi room audio player and installed on English Windows 10. After run one month,
    the application random report application error (Event ID 1000) and faulting report the C:\program files (x86)\
    Multi Room audio player\plugins\bass_aix.dll . Fault process ID : 0X1088 .
    pleas advise solution and any bug fix patch can fixed it. since Multi Room audio player installed hong kong Famous shopping mall (K11 Musea)

    Danny kwok

    1. Hello Danny,

      Sorry for the delay.
      The plugins\bass_aix.dll is responsible for AIX codec, if you use audio files with AIX codec, the player calls this plugin.
      Do you really use AIX compressed audio files? Please mail via the contact form and I’ll try to help you. Thank you.

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