How to create scheduler task

Please go to Multi Room Audio Player Tools menu and open Scheduler window (or press Ctrl-Alt-S hot key)


Please give your task unique Name and set the Start time. The default start time is the current time. If you want to stop the task over time, please set the Stop time too.

Scheduler new task
There are two types of repetitive tasks. The first type is a task that is repeated every few seconds, minutes, hours or days. Indefinitely or specified number of repetitions.

simple repetitive tasks

The second type of tasks is the task that is active only on selected days of the week.

Scheduler weekdays

Next you need to select the mail type of task – Player, Zone, Jingle or General task. The first often used task is Player task. Select the player, select the action. Depending on the chosen action, you can set the volume or choose the path to the file.

Player task

Zone task is the same, but its actions are slightly different.

Zone task

Jingle tab has only one task, play selected Jingle.

Jingle task

And with General task you can schedule Save Workspace action.

General task

Once finished click Save button. The new task will appear in the list below. Here you can find all the tasks. To delete a task, select it from the list and click Delete button. To create a new task, click New and specify a new unique name. Feel free to explore all possible actions.

List of Tasks


If you want to edit a task, find it in the list and double click it. The selected task will be loaded into the editor. Change the settings and click Save. If you need temporarily disable the task, select it, turn off Enabled checkbox and Save it.

Disable task

Follow our news, we are constantly adding new scheduler types and actions.

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