New features have been added

Please download new release here. This is a list of all bug-fixes and enhancements:

[+] Added: New Zone task: Play Playlist. You can schedule playlist to Zone with our powerful scheduler;
[+] Added: New API method GetAllSchedulerTasks to get list of all scheduled tasks;
[+] Added: New API method GetAllJingles to get list of all Jingles;
[+] Added: New API methods CreateNewPlaylist, DeletePlaylist, AddFilesToPlaylist, GetPlaylistTracks . These methods help manage predefined playlists;
[+] Added: New API method PlayPlaylistToZone to play M3U playlist to Zone;
[+] Added: Ability to Stop long Jingle in Zone. Open Zone window and go to the Control menu
[*] Changed: API method SetPlayerPlaylist renamed to SetPlayerQuickPlaylist;
[*] Changed: Added few new not mandatory parameters to API method SetZoneSchedulerTask;
[*] Changed: Added not mandatory Volume parameter to API method PlayFileToAllZones;
[*] Changed: Added not mandatory Volume parameter to API method PlayFileToZone;
[-] Fixed: Some minor bugs.

Stop Jingle in Zone

Scheduler: Play Playlist to Zone

You can view all version history here.

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