MultiRoom Music Player

“MultiRoom Music Player is an amazing piece of software plays an important role in the audio chores at our haunted house. By using a very basic computer with a few sound cards, we have so far been able to create 8 separate zones of audio for the haunt, complete with playlists and an auto start feature. Simply setting everything up and then placing a shortcut to MultiRoom Music Player into the startup section of the windows start menu makes for a simple plug and play solution where all we have to do each night is turn on the computer. After that, the software handles the rest! It comes up, configures the sound cards, loads a playlist for each zone, and begins to play.

The system is so easy, that anyone can bring the system online with just the push of a single power button! In addition, we love that we have room to expand in the future by simply adding more sound cards to the host computer! By using surround sound cards which have 3 separate output jacks, we can get 6 independent mono channels per sound card, for the possibility of 18 channels of audio in our setup. This allows the software to keep up with our growth in the future.

There are many more features that make the software worth its weight in gold, and we can see how this would benefit other haunted attractions, as well as retail establishments, restaurants, bars, and other amusements. Thanks for a great piece of software that has an excellent set of features, and does what it is supposed to do!”

Russ W. Moore
Haunt Master
Tayman Graveyard Haunted Attraction – Midlothian, Texas