Compatible audio cards

One of our frequently asked questions is – Please recommend some capable audio cards? You can use any regular internal or USB external sound card with WDM driver (non ASIO), even a laptop internal one. Unfortunately, ASIO devices are not supported yet. We test our software with internal Realtek, Cirrus Logic and external USB Sound Blaster from Creative Labs. Most of our customers prefer Asus Xonar. And of course Multi Room Audio Player works with Dante Virtual Soundcard if audio interface set to WDM. Read More …

Please let us know if you find any bugs

Please help us to fix your issue.
1. At first please turn on Log recording. Go to Settings and enable Write Log feature.

Enable Write Log

Please send us latest logs files from this folder C:\Users\_your_name_\Documents\MZAP5\Log. You can open folder or current log file using Help menu.

Open Log folder

2. Please send us your Multi Room Audio Player workspace file. The name of your current workspace you can always see in the Main window title. You can find all workspace files (and backups) here C:\Users\_your_name_\Documents\MZAP5\Workspaces

Open Workspace file

3. Please describe your system configuration. You can do it automatically with Windows dxdiag tool. Please press Win+R or start “Run” prompt in the Windows Start menu. Then type “dxdiag” and run it.

Run dxdiag

Press “Save all information…” and please send us this text file. Here you can find more information about DirectX Diagnostics tool.

DirectX Diagnostics tool

4. Please record all your steps using Windows embedded Problem Steps Recorder and send us your records as a zip (default format) file. Please use this link to read about this tool.

Problem Steps Recorder

And of course we can try to help you via Remote Desktop Software, for example Team Viewer.
Thank you for cooperation!

Dante Audio Test Report on Multi Room Audio Player

Equipment used for testing:

1. Pistonsoft Multi Room Audio Player -Trial Version
2. Audinate Dante Virtual Soundcard – Ver
3. Audinate Dante Controller – Ver
4. PC running Window 7 64bit – for above softwares’
5. Symetrix Edge Frame ( 64×64 Dante)
6. Symetrix Xout 12 (Audio Breakout Box)
7. Symetrix Composer 4.1 – Running on another PC
8. HP 2530-24G Gigabit Manageable Network Switch ( Vlan for Dante)
9. Kramer Self Powered Speaker

Symetrix Rig
Symetrix Rig
Read More …