How to create a new player

Once you have created a zone, you need to create players. Go to the main menu Players. Currently, you can create three types of players.

Create a new player

For audio files or Internet radio streams select New Player (or press Ctrl-N hot key). If you want to manage your external sources (for example line-in inputs or microphones), click New external player. If you want to play your Spotify playlists, please select Spotify player.

Three types of Players

Regular players can play a lot of popular audio formats, music playlists or Internet radio streams. An external player, helps you manage audio line-in inputs or microphones. Creating a new Spotify player you will have access to your playlists and can use Spotify search. Remember that you can create any number of regular and external players, but only one Spotify player.

On the Zones tab, select zones to play music, then use player’s File menu to add files, folders or playlists and press Play button. Your first player is ready!

Player - Select Zones

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