Dante Audio Test Report on Multi Room Audio Player

Equipment used for testing:

1. Pistonsoft Multi Room Audio Player -Trial Version
2. Audinate Dante Virtual Soundcard — Ver
3. Audinate Dante Controller — Ver
4. PC running Window 7 64bit — for above softwares’
5. Symetrix Edge Frame ( 64×64 Dante)
6. Symetrix Xout 12 (Audio Breakout Box)
7. Symetrix Composer 4.1 — Running on another PC
8. HP 2530-24G Gigabit Manageable Network Switch ( Vlan for Dante)
9. Kramer Self Powered Speaker

Symetrix Rig
Symetrix Rig

Launched Dante Virtual Soundcard (DANTE — Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet)
Audio Interface set to WDM
Audio Channels: Not selectable — default to 16×16
Fig A:
WDM Audio Interface with 16x16 Audio Channels

Launched Multi Room Audio Player
Fig B:
Launched Multi Room Audio Player

Under Zone file menu, created new zone,
Name labeled:
Zone 1
under Device dropdown menu, selected:
DVS Transmit 1-2 ( Dante Virtual Card…)
under Channel dropdown menu, selected :
Fig C:
Multi Room Audio Player Zone settings

Fig D:
Multi Room Audio Player Zone settings

Continued to create total of 8 zones, each of the zone assigned a
Dante channel, in left and right configuration.

Multi Room Audio Player Zones Control Center

Under Player file menu, created 8 Zone Players:
Fig F:
Multi Room Audio Player Players Control Center

Launched the Dante Controller and assigned all 8 Players to Dante Flow ( total 8 Flow = 8 channels)
Fig G:

Fig H:
Dante Controller

Fig I:
Dante Controller

Launched Symetrix Composer software and configure a design file to take the Dante flow ( 8 Channels) from networked PC playing the Multi Room Audio Player 8 players
Fig J:
Symetrix Composer

Fig K:
Symetrix Composer

Fig L:
Symetrix Composer

Played all the 8 Players
Fig M:
Played all the 8 Players

Fig N:
Played all the 8 Players

In Symetrix , all the 8 channels playback via Dante flow ( 1-8) can be monitored. These signal are routed to Symetrix Xout 12 (Channel 1-8)
Fig O:
Symetrix Xout 12

Signal present indication can be seen on the Symetrix Xout 12
(8 yellow indicators)
Fig P:
Symetrix Xout 12

Dante Virtual Card accepts either ASIO or WDM.
I tried with ASIO. It didn’t work.
The Audio Channel changed automatically to 2 x 2.
And under Device drop menu (in Multi Room Audio Player — Zone), the DVS interface selection is no longer available.
Fig Q:
Dante Virtual Card ASIO settings

1. Multi Room Audio Player software does work with Dante Virtual Soundcard but only with WDM interface selected under Device menu.
2. Multi Room Audio Audio Player software does not support ASIO 🙁

Prepared: Kumar
Date: 9th Nov 2015

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