How to setup Spotify music service

At first you need sign up to Spotify Premium account and get an application key. If you have regular Spotify account, please upgrade it to Premium.

Spotify Premium

Multi Room Audio Player uses libspotify SDK. To use the Libspotify SDK you will need to get an application key. Only Premium Spotify users will be able to log in and play music with this library. Please go to Spotify Developer account and create an application key. Please use this link

Spotify Developer

Click on the Binary link and download your key as a binary file (by default: spotify_appkey.key) Note: to get the application key you will need to have a Spotify Premium account. Run Multi Room Audio Player and go to Tools-Settings, open Spotify tab.

Spotify settings

Please enter your Spotify username, password and path to saved application key. If you want login to Spotify automatically on startup, please enable corresponding check box. Press OK to save settings. Your password will be encrypted and stored locally only. Now you can create Spotify player.

Spotify player

On the Spotify player press Login button and you will see all your saved playlists in the list box below. Please choose the desired playlist using the mouse. You can select any playlist’s track from the right list box by double click. And of course, use the Search text box to find any song or band on Spotify music service.

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