How to change player mode in Multi Room Audio Player

There are five player modes in our Multi Room Audio Player. Tracks that you play appear in the Playlist pane. You can change the order in which the items play by selecting one of these modes.

Player Mode

By default, player starts in None mode. This mode will play your Playlist and stop after last track. When you turn on Repeat Playlist mode, all tracks in the main Playlist pane will play once and then begin playing again. Repeat Playlist mode will play your Playlist and return to the beginning to cycle through again when it reaches the end.
To play only one audio track repeatedly, please select Repeat Track mode. Select this mode to repeat the audio track that is currently playing.
With Shuffle mode you can listen to your tracks over and over again but in a different order each time. Shuffle mode will randomize the playback of your Playlist.
And last one is Stop after this track mode. The name speaks for itself. It is useful if you need to stop playing after the current track.
And of course, you can use these modes with our Spotify player.

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