Configuring Sound and Audio Devices in Windows

Trying to configure Multi Room Audio Player zone, you can notice that your sound device is running in stereo instead of 5.1 or 7.1 channel mode.

Create new audio Zone
So you need to change sound device setup to use more channels.

Audio Devices Window
You can setup sound speakers in different modes – stereo, 2.1 or 5.1 Surround and more. The easiest way to test (or change) it, is a right mouse click on the speaker icon on your task bar. Please select “Palyback devices”. Of course you can open sound settings via Control Panel too.

Windows Palyback devices

At first, you need to disable all audio enhancements. Please select your Playback device and press “Properies”. Then select “Enhancements” tab and disable all enhancements. Press OK.

disable all audio enhancements

Now click on “Configure” button and choose desired speaker configuration. Test it! Then press “Next” button and follow the instructions. Your new audio speaker setup is ready to use.

Configuring Sound Speakers

And now we need restart Multi Zone Audio Player or press “Refresh” button on “Audio Devices” window. After re-initialization we can use all six (or more, depends on your audio device)) channels instead of two in stereo mode.

Audio Devices

So be careful. Always check sound settings after installing a new audio device.

Create new audio Zone

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