How to get Multi Room Audio Player track title without using API

Do you know that Multi Room Audio Player writes track information to the XML files? If you don’t want to use the REST API you can get the title of the current track from the XML files.

Please open Multi Room Audio Player settings folder C:\Users\_your_windows_account_name_\Documents\MZAP5 and go to the Xml folder.

XML folder
Here you can find files for each player and you can get the information on the current and previous track. The information will be updated after each change track, for an audio file player, Internet radio station and for the Spotify music service.

The XML file format example:
<previous>Daft Punk - Give Life Back To Music - 00:04:35</previous>
<title seq="1">Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Feat. Pharrell Williams) - 00:06:09</title>

If you need a different file format please drop me a line and we’ll try to add it in the next release.

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