How to connect sound card to amplifier

To connect amplifiers or speakers to the audio card, you probably need a few “Mini Jack to RCA” cables or adapters.

RCA to Mini Jack cable

RCA to Mini Jack cable

Or you can use RCA to RCA cables with an adaptor. It depends on the type of audio outputs and inputs.

RCA to MiniJack adapter

RCA to Mini Jack adapter

The general scheme is as follows.

Connecting audio card to amps
To connect 5.1 audio card you need three such cables. For 7.1 sound cards you need at least four “Mini Jack to RCA” cables. If you use semiprofessional or professional audio devices, you may need other cables – with Jack, RCA or even with XLR connectors. Please read manuals and instructions carefully before connecting.

Connect sound card to amplifiers

Connect sound card to amplifiers

After successfully switching your audio rack will look like this one:

Audio rack

The audio rack

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